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    Are you serious and passionate about: 

    • Having flexibility in your investment strategy
    • Leaving a legacy and planning for the long-term 
    • Taking control of ALL of your personal economy 
    • Learning, connecting, controlling and collaborating 
    • Understanding the power, freedom, and choice of a SSAS pension 
    • Being contrarian and opting out of the traditional pension system 

    Having a SSAS is like running a business. You have the control to make your decisions, and you shape your strategy. You make the investments, you decide who you work with. By investing your time in understanding the rules, exploring the opportunity and creating your strategy you can unlocking the impactful benefits that can truly change the course of your compounding wealth. Are you one of the 99% of the population whose pension strategy is to pay into a monthly scheme for 40 years and devoting one to two minutes each year of opening your pension statement annually? 

    Well there IS another way, and it is revealed in this book. By listening to this book, you will become one of the increasing number who truly understand this game-changing opportunity that awaits. The advantages for you may be economically life-changing and will engage a deep sense of satisfaction, control, and profound knowledge in knowing that you are in control of your personal economy.

    ©2019 Richard Mark Stokes (P)2019 Richard Mark Stokes

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