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    If a disaster occurred would you be prepared?

    Could you feed and defend your family?

    Do you hope for the best but want to be ready for the worst?

    We live in uncertain times. The threat of disaster - both man-made and natural - looms ever present. Could you depend on yourself if you had to? Could you take care of your family?  

    This book on SHTF prepping will teach why it's important to be ready, what you need to do to get prepared, what types of items and supplies you'll need after a disaster, and offers plans for both short-term and long-term survival.  

    This guide will teach you the skills you'll want to learn, along with the tools and weapons you'll want to acquire. This guide will also share important tips and ideas for keeping your family out of harm and thriving after a disaster. I'll include a few prepping projects you'll want to build around your home to make the area safer and running more efficiently.  

    Inside you will learn:

    • An intro to SHTF prepping
    • Food & water = survival
    • Prepping in an urban environment
    • Building a bug out bag for off-grid living
    • Stocking your SHTF pantry the right way
    • Key survival skills & projects 
    • Tips & tricks for being prepared when SHTF
    • Building an SHTF weapons cache & defending your family 

    This is not something you want to hold off on. Begin immediately. Preparation takes time, resources, and proper planning. Don't get sucked into complacency. Get ready now and you'll be thankful you did later!  

    Get this book today! 

    ©2018 Kevin Tinbergen (P)2018 Kevin Tinbergen

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