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    The new SAS epic from best-selling military historian Damien Lewis.

    We share the triumphs and tragedies of a group of elite soldier trailblazers as they commit daring raids behind enemy lines in 1944, manage an against-the-odds escape to victory and then seek post-war retribution for the terrible murder of their captured comrades.

    SAS Band of Brothers is replete with action, peppered with great characters and features two of the most daring escapes of WWII. It ends with the hunted becoming the hunters - a group of men intent on seeking out the Nazis responsible for their brethren's deaths, on an ultra-deniable SAS mission to avenge a war crime.

    This is the new best seller from Damien Lewis. It bears all his hallmarks - an epic, unstoppable special-forces narrative based on hitherto unavailable personal testimony and private family archives.

    ©2020 Omega Ventures Limited (P)2020 Quercus Editions Limited

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