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    Quincy Harker's quest for Glory is going straight to Hell, and now, he's got to make it through Purgatory to get Glory's wings back! 

    Glory gave up her wings to save the world; now, Harker and the Shadow Council are working to get them back. To do that, they have to locate eight AWOL archangels and convince them to go back to work. But not all these angels want to get back to the business of Heaven, and not all of them even remember who they are. 

    Everyone's favorite demon hunter is looking for a kidnapped archangel, and he's got to do something completely out of character to do it - go to church. It seems there's a band of extreme religious zealots running around North Carolina, and their current target is a local event promoter who just happens the be the archangel Uriel in disguise. When Harker follows the evidence to the extremists, he uncovers a lot more than a stuffed offering plate. 

    Corrupt cops, drunken demons, unholy ministers, and a lot of leather and spandex make Running with the Devil one of the darkest Harker novellas yet! 

    Running with the Devil is the fourth installment in the Quest for Glory serial featuring Quincy Harker and the Shadow Council. 

    1. Calling All Angels
    2. Devil Inside
    3. Angel Dance
    4. Running with the Devil

    The Quest for Glory will traverse eight novellas in total.

    ©2017 John G. Hartness (P)2018 Falstaff Books

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