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    Rumpole, the beloved old British barrister, familiar to listeners from the British TV series, this time, in Rumpole and the Judge's Elbow, defends Charles Hearthstoke, the sleazy owner of a chain of massage parlors, accused of running "bawdy houses". John Mortimer's Rumpole, performed impeccably by the ever-droll Leo McKern, as usual outwits the court by convincing Guthrie Featherstone, an erstwhile client of Hearthstroke's for an elbow injury, to preside over the trial as Judge. With wit, mystery, and a clear sense of the absurd, Rumpole entertains listeners once again.


    Rumpole defends Charles Hearthstoke against charges of keeping bawdy houses, in the form of his chain of massage parlors. The case has become quite a scandal since many customers were prominent members of the community and, to Rumpole's astonishment, paid with credit cards. Guthrie Featherstone, who sought a massage for an injury, now thinks that may be identified as one of the patrons, and Rumpole cunningly arranges for him to preside at Hearthstoke's trial.

    ©1987 Advanpress, Ltd. (P)2009 Audio Holdings, LLC

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