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    Maurice Denham stars as John Mortimer's famous comic creation Rumpole of the Bailey.

    Defender of the underdog, friend of South London villains and scourge of QCs, much-loved barrister Horace Rumpole was first brought to life on television, and in 1980 BBC Radio 4 introduced him to the airwaves for a 13-episode series.

    In these delightful full-cast courtroom dramas, the claret-drinking, poetry-quoting lawyer recalls his colourful career at the Old Bailey while being supported at home by the redoubtable Hilda ('She Who Must Be Obeyed'). From a disputed will case to a GP accused of murder, Rumpole must exercise all his talents as an advocate to fight for justice.

    Includes 'Rumpole and the Confession of Guilt', 'Rumpole and the Dear Departed', 'Rumpole and the Gentle Art of Blackmail', 'Rumpole and the Rotten Apple', 'Rumpole and the Man of God', 'Rumpole and the Defence of Guthrie Featherstone', 'Rumpole and the Show Folk', 'Rumpole and the Fascist Beast', 'Rumpole and the Case of Identity', 'Rumpole and the Expert Witness', 'Rumpole and the Course of True Love', 'Rumpole and the Perils of the Sea' and 'Rumpole and the Age for Retirement'.

    Among the supporting cast are Margot Boyd, Michael Maloney, Michael Elphick, Angela Thorne, Geoffrey Bayldon and Saeed Jaffrey.

    Duration: 6 hours 30 mins.

    ©2016 BBC Worldwide Ltd. (P)2016 BBC Worldwide Ltd.

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