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    Mages. Sirens. Demons. Dragons. Gryphons. A Federal Paranormal Unit. Attackers of magic. The Mercy Temple Chronicles will hook you!  

    Mercy Temple lives in a world where paranormals are a thing. Humans know of their existence, but the two species don’t interact. Or so it is thought. She’s a bounty hunter. She’s good at what she does. 

    There’s been a killing in Sector 18. Not just any old sector. The werewolf sector. Not just any old killing. An alpha.

    And as for the timing? A few short days before the full moon, when all the werewolves will be shifting and wreaking havoc. 

    So what’s Mercy got to do with this? She’s been hired to find the killer. 

    What about our favorite Fed? Demon Rafael? He’s been assigned to bring the killer in. And to find the mysterious bounty hunter. 

    Then why does he find himself allied with Bowen and Damian suddenly? 

    Warning: Unputdownable action-packed fantasy, with mages, sirens, demons, dragons, gryphons, and a Federal Paranormal Unit

    ©2018, 2021 Ciara Graves (P)2021 Ciara Graves

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