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    What is a retrograde?

    A retrograde calculates, night and day, how to return the world to:

    • The old order of moral and sexual decency
    • Classical masculinity
    • National sovereignty and national borders
    • Faith and hope and charity
    • Goodness and beauty and truth
    • Christian civic liberty
    • And most importantly, the social kingship of Christ

    In the words of Shakespeare, a retrograde is one of God’s spies.

    The retrograde has the unique capacity for understanding the stark chasm between the degenerate, socialist-infiltrated world of decay on one side and the well-meaning, good-hearted, but clueless Christian world on the other.

    In a time of such profound decay, being one of God’s spies is a last resort and a pure necessity: It involves not “deep cover”, - i.e., acting like the enemy - but rather “half cover”: Acting as a “contra” in the secular arena, a crypto-Christian counterinsurgent willing to fight like a Navy Seal and to think like a counterintel officer. the streets: Our aim is to reverse the deliberate, deuced machinations of “radicals” like Saul Alinsky who, by penning the rulebook of radicalism, threw down a challenge that has, until now, gone unanswered. Rules for Retrogrades is the audiobook men of good will need to win the culture war! Here is a sampling from the call to action found within these sections:

    • No truth is “off-limits”; we must never be ashamed to be candid.
    • It is a damnable lie that humility disallows Christians from standing up (for what they believe) in the cultural and political forum!
    • Control of language is control of thought; don’t let radicals control the language.
    • Never trust a man who is unwilling to have enemies.
    • Radicals form coalitions but retrogrades form fellowships.
    • The root of cultural decay is feminism: End feminism to end radicalism.
    ©2020 Timothy Gordon, David Gordon (P)2020 TAN Books

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