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    This book is about coping with the crazy people at work. It is a serious book with funny stories.

    The book has 10 rules of survival. Rule # 1 Crazy People Make You Crazy is the foundation of all of them. The rules allow you to identify and then avoid crazy people and crazy situations. This is not a get rich or get sex or self-help book. This is about getting your life focused on what is truly important.

    Life is too short and too precious to allow ourselves to be sidetracked by impossible people and the impossible problems they create. That life is short and precious is a truism, but it is a truism that resonates deeply in the hearts of those of us who have dipped our toes into the waters of middle age or beyond. Perhaps the realization comes when we hit a 40th birthday or a 15th wedding anniversary. All of a sudden, life is flying by.

    What we want at that point more than anything is to pay attention to what matters. We want time for precious things, whatever unique combination of family and friends and hobbies and faith and community brings each of you your unique sense of joy and fulfillment. That is what makes this a genuinely different kind of self-help book.

    The book is friendly, conversational and entertaining. It is written is to be a quick satisfying listen. That airplane ride to Chicago becomes an entertaining learning experience.

    ©2015 Spring Branch Farm, LLC (P)2016 Spring Branch Farm, LLC

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