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    How a little parrot makes his dream come true (and asked me that I dare you to go and do it too)!

    Roro is a parrot from a small village in Brazil, who dreams about exploring the world.

    He is eager to meet new friends and to try out their favorite things to do together. The journey takes him through 15 diverse countries on four continents, where he meets local animals and picks up what they have to offer - from playing ball with red kangaroos in Australia to having lunch with a family of brown bears in Russia and swimming with a dolphin in Greece.

    Every country includes numbers, colors, animals, vehicles, geography, an ecosystem, and healthy activity, making it a gourmet offering for the curious soul. With his background in direct response marketing and sales, the author also includes an almost invisible but powerful layer as a bonus, which he calls the Bond with My Child Method.

    Here is a break-down of the multiple layers in Roro Goes Around the World:

    • Adventure - The audiobook is abundant in captivating situations in which the main character is putting himself or is being put by his newly found friends, so that a child will be entertained to listen to the story
    • The numbers from one to 11, introduced in the form of words as well as characters or animals one can count, this way the child can be engaged in various ways to learn them
    • All main colors, including white and black, again used not just as single words or colored shapes but as living animals, part of the text, allowing for learning using multiple senses
    • Vocabulary, or words important on both the younger spectrum of the audience, like ball, mommy, daddy, and more, as well as more advanced for the older child, who can listen to them on their own
    • Geography - 15 countries on four continents are included in the journey of the main character, Roro, with the country names and locations for the benefit of the child as well as the grown-up
    • Animals - Usually typical or connected to the respective country in a meaningful way, 16 different animals are introduced in the audiobook so that the little ones can learn them
    • Vehicles - With over 10 different vehicles, Roro tours the world, and doesn’t fail to also walk and hike, thus showing the young audience the multitude of transportation means available to a traveler
    • Healthy activities - With addressing both exciting one-off, more on the adventure side activities, like scuba diving and swimming with a dolphin, as well as critical daily routines, like taking a bath, napping, games, and hugs, the text encourages healthy habits
    • Questions - The grown-up listener is provided with some thoughtful sample questions to ask the child so that both of them can practice one of the most important life skills, in the author’s opinion, namely asking relevant questions and listening for the answers. Questions are also a critical part of the bonding process, later described
    • Humor - Included to break up the flow, in case the child or their loving caregiver feel that the learning has become all too serious
    • Community, a tribe (or a family) of like-minded, child-loving grown-ups have come together to support each other and to build a life-long connection with any child they love. We lovingly call ourselves #ChildDevelopers, under the motto, "Until every child is living their dream"
    • Bonus - connect with your child in 90 seconds - the Bond with My Child Method is offered as extra credit for the over-achievers among us and is definitely not mandatory. It is a process, derived from the best practices of today’s titans of direct response marketing and sales, which the author claims that he uses daily with his son and that it has changed both of their lives
    ©2019 Vito Neshev & Resultix Group, Inc. (P)2019 Vito Neshev & Resultix Group, Inc.

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