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    Avram Davidson (1923-1993) was author of nineteen published novels and more than two hundred short stories and essays collected in more than a dozen books, won the Hugo Award in science fiction, the Queen's Award and the Edgar Award in the mystery genre, and the World Fantasy Award (three times). His writings defy genre stereotypes and are filled with wit, wonder, and the bizarre.

    In his science fiction novel Rork!, Ran Loman wants only to be left alone, to get away from it all. That's why he volunteers for duty on Pia 2, the most remote, isolated world in the Galaxy.

    The problem on Pia 2 is redwing, a plant used throughout the galaxy as a medical fixative. Redwing grows ony on Pia 2. And lately, less and less is being harvested. Lomar's assignment: find out why, and do something about it.

    The Station Officer tries to warn him that the job may not be quite as simple as it sounds. But Lomar has to find out for himself about the strange inhabitants of Pia 2 - the Tocks, the Tame ones and the Wild ones, and the mysterious, legendary "rorks" that everyone fears.

    When a murder and a kidnapping send Lomar and a Wild Tock woman across an uncharted continent, Lomar gets rather more than he bargained for....

    ©1965 The Estate of Avram Davidson (P)2012 Wildside Press LLC

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