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    Robert Pickton, inherited a pig farm worth a million dollars and used his wealth to lure skid row hookers to his farm, where he confessed to murdering 49 female victims; dismembering and feeding their body parts to his pigs, which he supplied to Vancouver area restaurants.

    This is the first book in a 24-volume series collection, edited by crime historian Dr. Peter Vronsky and true crime author and publisher RJ Parker. Each month, they will publish a book of Canada's most notorious criminals, written by various authors, and published under VP Publications, an imprint of RJ Parker Publishing, Inc.

    Chris Swinney worked narcotics and homicide cases for the past six years in the state of California. He also has written a crimes fiction trilogy called, The Bill Dix Detective Series.

    ©2015 RJ Parker Publishing and VP Publications (P)2015 RJ Parker Publishing and VP Publications

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