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    When her beloved father dies, Vivien Epstein - a 22 year old hairdresser from Manchester - leaves her hometown for London in the hope of finding Jack Fox - a man she had a brief, but intense, love affair with some months ago.

    All Vivien has to go is one letter Jack sent to her father, the address of a boarding house scribbled hastily on the back, and very soon her hopes of finding him are dashed. Resigned to this fact, she settles into London life, working in Oscar's - a hairdressing salon in Soho - and spending her nights at home with her motherly landlady. But still, she pines for Jack.

    That is, until she becomes involved in the resurgence of anti-facism through the owner of Oscar's, Barb, and her husband Alan. When Alan takes her to a rally in Trafalgar Square and Vivien finally spots Jack amidst the crowds. At long last they lock eyes. And here their story begins again.

    ©2014 Jo Bloom (P)2014 Orion Publishing Group

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