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    Manhunters and spaghetti westerns

    Throughout the history of American western movies, iconic characters were used over and over again until they became staples of these cowboy flicks. There were always the good guys who were the pioneers, farmers, and lawmen, and then the other side of the coin, with the outlaws, raiding Indians, and tyrannical cattle barons. It seemed if you were doing a western, these types were always present.

    Then in the 1960s, with the invasion of Italian-made oaters, a little used character suddenly seemed to take center stage; the bounty hunter. He was the cold, calculating man in black who hunted the meanest, deadliest owlhoots for a cash reward.

    Inspired by these action-packed spaghetti westerns, writer Rick Lai has created a terrific new hero in Major Sabbath. A veteran of the Civil War, he now roams the Wild West as the most efficient manhunter of them all. Lai, along with Erik Franklin and Frank Schildiner, offer up a trio of gun-blasting tales featuring this man with the penetrating angel eyes and lightning fast draw. Once you meet Major Sabbath, you'll never forget him.

    ©2016 Rick Lai, Erik Franklin, Frank Schildiner (P)2017

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