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    This book reveals who the real Sir Richard Branson is. We will tell you that he is not the playboy one might think he is, and he is actually not as rich as people think he is – he is richer.

    There are a lot of errors out there in the public domain about Richard, and we will bring those errors to a close in this book.

    When people think of Richard Branson, most would likely think of the Virgin group or think of Virgin Airlines. It is indeed the case that the product has overtaken the man.

    This book will inform you that, without a doubt, the man and the brand are totally unlike each other, and that the man behind the brand is really a highly empathic person who, until recently, did not know how to read a balance sheet.

    What he brings to the table is not MBA-level business acumen or strategy. What he brings to the table is a brand that represents unyielding quality and class.

    The Virgin brand is not just a group of companies that belong to Richard. It is a flagship of companies where Richard is the principal investor and lends his name to the business. This is a highly beneficial arrangement, and we will tell you in this book how all this came to be.

    From Virgin Records to his labs that do advanced energy research. It’s all covered.

    Don’t wait any longer! Buy now to learn more about the man behind Virgin.

    ©2018 CAC Publishing LLC (P)2018 CAC Publishing LLC

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