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    We meet race car driver REX TANNER in 1935, after he’s been captured trying to save scientist PENELOPE MULGREW from the clutches of evil Nazi geneticist, DR. JACQUELINE HYDE. Rex affects their escape using the OMNIDIAL: a mysterious device permanently grafted to his skin, which imbues him with temporary super-powers…when it works.

    Months later, Rex is approached again by his enigmatic employers with a new mission. Find out who is draining American Olympians of their muscle, leaving them shriveled up and weak. Rex travels to the Olympics in Berlin with Penelope and his trusty sidekick MIKHAIL "MICK" GOLDSTEIN.

    At a welcoming party, Rex and Penelope meet the British agent also assigned to the case: ALEXANDER TANNER, Rex's older, smarter, more handsome brother, with whom Rex shares a bitter, life-long sibling rivalry.

    Rex's bitterness is exacerbated when he discovers that his brother's new flame is MARIEL, Rex's first girlfriend. But, when an attack occurs at the party, and another American Olympian is discovered emaciated, the brothers put aside their rivalry. After an unsuccessful attempt to apprehend the villains, Rex concedes that perhaps the mission is too big for one man and that he may need to team up with his brother, rather than compete with him.

    ABOUT THE DIRECTOR Katie Leigh has voiced characters in many well-known and award winning animations over the years (My Little Pony, Adventures in Odyssey, Muppet Babies). Now, Katie makes her directorial debut with this action-packed, family adventure. Listen to Katie describe what it was like to direct for the first time in the bonus behind-the-scenes interview included with the feature.

    ©2014 Olufemi S. Sowemimo (P)2014 Audiblescripts

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