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    “I never meant to leave him. I was just a scared kid.”

    Wren Lee is a hot-shot surgeon who’s just accepted a new position at Denver General. He expects to prove himself to his patients and colleagues...but never dreams he’ll come face-to-face with the man whose heart he broke in high school. The man that Wren has been longing for ever since.

    “I can’t believe the nerve of him!”

    Nate Wells still has a sore spot where Wren is concerned...and when Wren transfers into the hospital where Nate is gunning for the position of head nurse, he feels like the bruise on his heart is being injured all over again. He tries to stay away...but sometimes second chances are worth the risk.

    They build them big in the town of Harlan, Colorado - where the winters are beautiful and the mountain men are gorgeous. Listen along as we join them in Harlan, where the pain of the past drips away as these sexy, rugged mountain men find their true loves, and embrace a lifestyle of happily-ever-afters.

    ©2019 Special Fiction Books (P)2019 Special Fiction Books

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