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    The victory was hollow.

    Too hard-fought. Too short-lived.

    Now, scattered and hunted by the monstrous rakul, Rachel and Jarek must do everything they can to protect their friends and keep their brewing Enochian weapons safe long enough for one slim chance at turning the tides. But first, they have to find each other. And with no comm network to speak of and a squadron of galaxy-class killers on their tails, nothing is quite so simple.

    Harvest has fallen. Earth stands on the brink of destruction, its would-be defenders staring down the precipice.

    They won't go down without a fight.

    But what if their fight was never enough?

    Grab your copy of Retribution now, and suit up for the thrilling conclusion of The Harvesters Series!

    ©2018 Luke R. Mitchell (P)2020 Luke R. Mitchell

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