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Retire with Joy: A Practical Guide for Retiring Healthy Wealthy and Happy

How to Plan Financially for Retirement and Once You Retire, How to Feel Happy and Fulfilled
Sprecher: Neal Vickers
Spieldauer: 53 Min.

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Use this powerful guidebook to eliminate the stress and anxiety of retirement planning!

Everybody grows old, which means individuals who work hard and sacrifice much each and every day also eventually get grey hair and wrinkles by the time they retire. It's not about the physical effects of growing up, though. It's about the development of your life's value and the assurance that you'll reap the fruits of your labor when you retire. 

Retirement is something that even youngsters think about and check out retirement books because it's also the time where people have the option or absolute freedom to choose what to make of themselves and how to spend the rest of their life with the hard-earned money they've saved. 

The retirement period is such a marvelous time to rediscover yourself, so if you're having doubts whether you'll actually retire or not, it's helpful to explore the ideas. You can give this book as a retirement gift to loved ones as well. You will find useful retirement advice in this book. You need this book.

Here is the preview of what you will learn....

  • How to be financially independent and retire early
  • Determining your retirement goals
  • Estimating your retirement income needs
  • How to organize your portfolios
  • How to keep things going during retirement
  • How to enjoy the full retirement experience and feel fulfilled
  • Mistakes to avoid when planning for retirement
  • How to retire happy wild and free
  • How to retire early
  • How to retire with enough money
  • And much, much more....

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