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Sprecher: Christopher Ross
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 44 Min.

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He is Risen. Rhapsodic, incantatory, and playful. A mish-mash of history, both real and imagined.

An epic poem starring yoga aficionado George "Warshington" who turns both inward and towards a cast of characters who inspire his vision of leadership during the crucial year of 1776-77 in Valley of the Forge: his loyal, loving, and patient wife, Martha; the recovering, lovelorn, drunkard, "Mad" Anthony Wayne; his fellow yogi and personal assistant Gibraltar and his wife, Rebekah; the mercurial turncoat, General Toothe; the alluring semi-widow, Mary Hughes Cooney; the gifted sculptor Joe and his muse, Felicia; the magical woods-witch, Miss Kitty, and, finally, local Indian Chief Maddywampus; the true spiritual centerpiece for the newly won territory of "America".

©2013 Christopher Ross (P)2015 Christopher Ross

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