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    Two African-American attorneys, the best of friends, find themselves opposing council in the legal battle for African-American slavery reparations from the United States, while navigating the US legal system and wrestling with the resulting personal turbulences in their lives.

    During the course of the year in which they move towards trial, and the nation responds in a myriad of ways as diverse as the people that populate it, other US reparations battles still being fought and the issues behind them are explored, among them:

    • German-American and Italian-American Illegal Word War II Internment, in which thousands of people of German and Italian descent were forcibly removed from their homes, their property confiscated without compensation as required by the US Constitution, and their lives destroyed
    • Illegal U.S. Medical Experimentation on its citizens spanning the nation inflicting on its people a plethora of health complications including birth defects and death:
      • The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: An infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the US Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in which 600 men with syphilis were left untreated though regularly seen by US Public Health Service physicians evaluating the unchecked disease and its disastrous effect on the men until they died. Men who during the course of their lives infected thousands who infected others, who infected.
      • The link to Fluoride in drinking water and Flouride's use in nuclear weapons production and concurrent dangerous health risks to the populous
      • Intentional release of biological microorganisms in U.S. cities, among them New York and San Francisco, for biological warfare test and evaluation
      • Nuclear irradiation of millions of U.S. citizens and tragic health consequences from the fallout of nearly hundreds of atmospheric nuclear tests

    The complete list of narrators includes K. Anderson Yancy, Carol Abney, Buddy Allen, Alyssa Boyle, Joyelle Cabato, Rosalie Celestial, Mary Cherwink, Melissa Coleman, Dan De La Isla, Sarah De La Isla, Robyn Flowe, Monique Gaffney, O. P. Hadock, J. C. Hamby, Anthony Hamm, Don Hohman, Sandy J. Hotchkiss, Antonio T. J. Johnson, Trina Kaplan, Jair Dean Kamperveen, Kevin Kornburger, A.G. LaMont, Lissa Lia, Michael Angelo Manocchio, Jeni Maples, Katya Martin-Gullans, Ernie McCray, Lesha Montoya, Walter Murray, Jennie Olson, David R. Pearson, Lesley K. Pearson, Brad Potts, Larry Richardson, Radhika Rao, Walter Rusniaczek, Wendy Savage, Kevin Six, Rory Smith, Elaine Sotko, Michael Sotko, Shani Tennyson, Irene Tiger, Joseph Vitaliano, Jr., Shaunda Walker, Heather Wood, Eric Wong, Desmon Yancy, and Kevin Yancy.

    ©2014 K. Anderson Yancy (P)2014 K. Anderson Yancy

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