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    Telepath: sense of humor, overactive conscience. Knows her own mind - and yours. Seeking quiet life as opposed to life-threatening. How's that working out then?

    It’s tricky to know what’s normal if you’re not, but Stella’s upbringing is average enough, and her protective if paranoid family work on the principle that the less said about what she is, the very much safer she'll be.

    Life not surprisingly has its ups, downs, and disasters, but not until she's thrust into a hair-raising situation, face-to-face with the stark reality of medical experimentation and its horrifying consequences does she become certain of one thing. All this hero stuff just isn't her. No, normal or as near as damn it is what she wants, and if that means smothering her instincts, keeping both feet firmly on the ground, and her abilities under wraps, then it's a price well worth paying.

    Isn't it a fact though, just when you think you've got yourself on track, events can derail you?

    ©2013 Marilyn Messik (P)2021 Marilyn Messik

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