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    Who can learn Reiki? Anyone, as long as they agree to be attuned.

    What is Reiki and how do we use it emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

    This audiobook will help to teach you how to connect to your:

    • Higher self
    • Angels 
    • Guides
    • The seven chakras
    • Sight and senses

    Breathing practices and blockage removals are part of everyday life you get to start practicing into a routine. 

    Balancing your mind and body by some these things:

    • Cleansing your home
    • Boosting your immune system
    • Work with the Dantiens
    • Blockage removal
    • Protect yourself with Reiki

    How Reiki can help you live longer is something we all would like to experience as we learn about preventive medicines.

    Also, treatment plans for clients and considerations when working on them.

    Going into the different hand positions and symbols will help guide to the Reiki basics in this helping audiobook.

    ©2021 Madeline Perry (P)2021 Madeline Perry

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