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Redwood Pack Box Set 1 (Books 1-3)

Sprecher: Gregory Salinas
Serie: Redwood Pack, Titel 1-3
Spieldauer: 19 Std. und 37 Min.
Kategorien: English - Romance

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The Redwood Pack has protected their own for centuries, but when a rival Pack of shifters summons a demon to alter the climate of the entire battle and their fates, the Redwoods will have to come together or make the greatest sacrifice of all.  

An Alpha’s Path (Prequel) - Kade, Heir to the Redwood Pack finds his blind date is not only his mate, but human. Melanie doesn’t know the world isn’t as safe as she once thought and when those two ideas collide, sparks fly.  

A Taste for a Mate (Book 1) - When Jasper, the Beta to the Redwood Pack, finally finds the courage to start the journey in making Willow his own, a rival Pack takes a step toward war.  

Trinity Bound (Book 2) - In the aftermath of the first battle of the war, Reed is taken hostage, but he’s not alone. He’ll find Hannah, an Earth witch and a warrior in her own right. Only it will take the human Josh to save them all…and bring them together.

©2016 Carrie Ann Ryan (P)2018 Carrie Ann Ryan

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