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    America, as we know it, is gone.

    The survivors are being hunted. Foreign troops search daily for Sidney Bannister and her new family, systematically eliminating their means of survival. She’s gone on the offensive, but will her initiative bring further pain and suffering to the family?

    Lieutenant Jake Murphy’s mission to Washington, DC, hit a major snag when they discovered that the nation’s capital was completely overrun and inaccessible. Will New York City hold the answers they seek or was their trip across country all in vain?

    The remnants of the US Army, trapped at Fort Bliss, are desperate for answers as unknown forces intercept their communications, further isolating them from the fragmented government. Nearly a year after the rise of the infected, a road-weary traveler finally makes it back to the States with information that will change everything. Just how far is America’s military willing to go for revenge?

    Follow the action as the Sidney’s Way storyline from the Five Roads to Texas series draws to an end.

    ©2021 Brian Lee Parker (P)2021 Brian Lee Parker

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