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    "Be yourself" they said. "I want to be" I said. "But who am I?"

    Have you ever noticed that what you think about who you are, how you should be, how well you are doing changes? This is because our idea of who we are is created in thought and it is the nature of thought to change.

    Looking at this more clearly takes us on a breath-taking exploration into what is real about us. We discover what is permanent, unchanging. And it is never what we think.

    The first part of Real looks at everything that cannot be true about who we are. It looks at what is transient, momentary, and ever-changing such as our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, insecurities, habits, stress. These are all the things we can stop paying attention to because the only thing we know for sure about them is that they will change. And this leaves us with one important question: who are we?

    The second part of Real explores what remains when our thought-created idea of self dissolves. It explores what is constant, what is always there regardless of transient thought and belief. By looking for the constant we get closer to the truth of us.

    When we live from this understanding, we have more freedom, integrity and wholeness than we had ever thought possible.

    ©2018 Clare Dimond (P)2019 Clare Dimond

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