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    Use the most profitable business in the world to make your next income source.

    Are you ready to join the exciting world of property letting? Are you ready to take the property market by storm and start your path to glorious wealth with your first property rental? Why invest your hard-earned money in fluctuating markets when the property market is considered by the top experts as the most stable?

    With the comprehensive guidelines set out in this audiobook, you don’t get to play landlord but be one. Learn:

    • The very many different ways to make money from real estate investments.
    • How the real estate rental market works.
    • What the advantages are to be gained from residential lettings.
    • How to purchase property without having money of your own.
    • What to look for in a potential property that points to a profitable investment.
    • Strategies to implement that will yield greater returns on investment.
    • How to market your ready-to-move-in property rental.
    • How to secure good-value tenants for your property.
    • Learn how property management companies work and what to ask yourself before you hire one.
    • Learn the dynamics of property management and the qualities it takes to be a good landlord.
    • Basic guidelines for commercial property investing and commercial letting.

    If your inner landlord is waiting to be unleashed, then this audiobook is for you. You will find all you need to know to take your first step into real estate investing. 

    The best part of earning an income from real estate is that you are in control from deciding on your first purchase to putting a tenant on your property and receiving your first rental income. You decide whether to be a practical, hands-on landlord or let a professional management company do it all for you. 

    ©2018 Peter Flynn (P)2018 Peter flynn

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