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    If you want to learn how to read body language and understand what people are really trying to tell you, despite the words coming out of their mouths, then keep reading....

    Do you want to know what people are silently saying with their body? Do you want to learn the art of silent persuasion?

    If your answer to any of these question is “Yes”, then you need to get a copy of this book.

    Body language is a form of nonverbal communication and is one of the most important sources of information sharing in both humans and animals.

    Did you know that many animals have a similar method of communication? Think about a dog; when it is mad, its ears pinned back, it bares its teeth, the hair on their back stands up, their muscles tense. And this is all before it starts to growl, snarl, or bark! All of those changes to the body of the dog tells you that it is time to back off.

    While humans may not consciously give off that noticeable of a warning about being upset, there are cues that every person shares, both consciously and subconsciously.

    Think about the last time you went on a job interview or a first date. You did not know that person or the people you were meeting very well, and you want to make a good primary opinion. You want people not just to like you, but feel like they are connected to you.

    This is the perfect time to employ your skills in reading and exhibiting body language! Land that second date or interview, secure the job, let others that you care about know how you feel about them and the situation you are in, clearly and with no miscommunication.

    All of this is at your fingertips; you just need to start listening to this book. And when you are done exploring what it means and how to use, you get the opportunity to take it into the world, and practice.

    Inside this book, you will discover:

    • A clear definition of what body language really is and what it is not.
    • Clarification on what body language can reveal and what it cannot reveal.
    • Examples of subconscious body language, which often cannot be controlled, as well as conscious body language, or things that you can alter, if you know and want to!
    • Suggestions on how to “read” body language and other nonverbal communication.
    • Why people lie to you. Yes, why they lie specifically to you! Not just in general.
    • How to spot a liar and what you can do about it.
    • What it means to mirror someone and why you should use it all the time.
    • The major differences between men and women’s communication focused on body language and nonverbal communication.
    • How to nail a primary opinion, and why getting it right the first time is so important.
    • And much, much more!

    Even if you are a beginner, you'll be able to read a person's body language and learn everything you need to know about manipulation psychology.

    This book goes straight to the core of non-verbal cues and shows you the exact tips, tricks, and techniques that will produce effective results.

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    ©2019 Joe Silva (P)2019 Joe Silva

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