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    "It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce." (Voltaire) 

    Pickup artistry is the ultimate form of beta communication. To live a stage play every day of your life to gain the attention of a woman is supplication to the second power. 

    Women can smell supplication a mile away and allow it to linger as long as it fulfills her needs. Not her need to have fun on dates or have sex, but her need to talk about feelings and be provided for. 

    A man will distinguish himself either by his body language or what his subconscious vocal tells. But that’s what PUA is for, right? In theory yes, but in reality, f--k no. 

    Research any PUA technique, it’s a numbers game. The same techniques PUAs teach is taught to anyone in the sales profession. You sense a salesman when he’s approaching you. Women do, too, and five times better. 

    What do salesman do? They approach you with a confident charm and charismatic personality. They attempt to be funny but cocky and reassure you that you can trust them. Are you catching what I’m pitching here? The way you feel when a car salesman approaches you is the same way she feels when your “method” comes oozing out of you.

    One in a 100 will fall for it. They will “allow” you the “privilege” of buying them coffee and food. If you do have an awesome personality behind the suave façade, it will show itself and that’s when you will get laid or find yourself in a long-term relationship. Game doesn’t do this, you do this. Game only gives you a mask to wear because your scared.

    Assholes are really f--king rare, so I doubt you are one. There’s no need for the mask. The game mask is only holding you back.

    I’ve been there. It sucks. I’ve approached woman and been rejected with the mask on, and the rejection of the woman doesn’t even compare to the anguish of self-rejection in that situation. I got “lucky” a few times, too. That wasn’t game, though. That was because we had a good time and connected. Why not cut out the middleman?

    There is only one of you in the whole world. You are a unique asset. Stop trying to be like someone else and learn to be yourself. I promise you, your relationships with women will improve and more importantly, your relationship with yourself. 

    ©2020 Shane Chapa (P)2020 Shane Chapa

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