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Celebrate Christmas along with radio's greatest performers, characters and programs. These timeless holiday classics include moving and mirthful comedies, wholesome dramas, and adventurous missions of mercy. Laugh along with comedians like Jack Benny and Red Skelton (in a rare previously not circulated performance), and with funny families on Fibber McGee & Molly, The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show, Burns & Allen, The Great Gildersleeve, and The Life of Riley. Thrill to the heroics of Sergeant Preston and The Lone Ranger.

Ponder the parables presented by Family Theater, and performed by Lionel Barrymore - plus many more holiday favorites. May these 21 digitally restored and remastered tales of nostalgia and nativity bring you cheer and become a part of your own Christmas traditions. Episodes include:

  • The Jack Benny Program: "A Wallet for Don" 12-19-48
  • The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show: "The City Hall Christmas Tree" 12-18-49
  • Fibber McGee & Molly: "White Christmas Tree" 12-18-45
  • The Great Gildersleeve: "A Puppy for Christmas" 12-24-47
  • Burns and Allen: "Gracie's Last Minute Christmas Gift" 12-18-47
  • Red Skelton: "Junior's Christmas Play" 12-24-50
  • The Life of Riley: "The Christmas Present" 12-17-44
  • This Is My Best: "The Plot to Overthrow Christmas" 12-19-44
  • Lum 'n' Abner: "Christmas Story" 12-25-41
  • Sgt. Preston: "The Man With the Red Coat" 12-22-48
  • The Lone Ranger: "Christmas Comes to Sandy" 12-24-48
  • Doctor Six-Gun: "Pony for Christmas" 12-19-54
  • Have Gun, Will Travel: "The Hanging Cross" 12-21-58
  • Family Theater: "The Other Wise Man" 12-14-49
  • Suspense: "The Cave" 12-20-55
  • Mayor of the Town: "A Christmas Carol" 12-23-42
  • Radio City Playhouse: "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" 12-25-49
  • Let George Do It: "Santa Claus in Glass" 12-25-50
  • Night Beat: "Five Days Off for Christmas" 12-21-51
  • Exploring the Unknown: "The Christmas Cloud" 12-21-47
  • The Whistler: "Three Wise Guys" 12-24-50
©2010 RSPT LLC (P)2010 RSPT LLC

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