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RV Boondocking Basics

Living Well on the Road Less Graveled
Autor: Sunny Skye
Sprecher: Richard Henzel
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 26 Min.

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Boondocking literally means to "dock" in the "boonies," camping on your own off the grid away from campgrounds, free to howl at the moon, run around in your BVDs, or just read your book in peace and quiet with no one around.

But boondocking also means you're on your own, and you'll want to go prepared. Here, Sunny Skye gives you the basics you'll need to know, things like the best rig to have, being independent, coping with boredom and loneliness, as well as dealing with insects, wild animals, and pests.

Also covered are safety and security, sickness and health emergencies, finding good campsites, staying legal, costs, pets, basic survival (food, water, staying clean), bad weather, staying warm, keeping cool, the best power sources, and a list of things you should take with you.

If you're a beginning boondocker, this book will introduce you to a new way of life, and if you’re a seasoned camper, Sunny's many tips are sure to have something helpful.

The best camp sites are always in the outback, and being able to come and go unhindered and carefree, enjoying the solitude of the natural world, is Sunny’s definition of happiness. With this audiobook, you'll soon be on your way down the road less graveled.

©2016 Yellow Cat Publishing/Marjorie Miller/Maya Kurtz (P)2016 Yellow Cat Publishing/Marjorie Miller/Maya Kurtz


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