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Queen Elizabeth I: A Life from Beginning to End

Royalty Biography, Book 3
Sprecher: Barry Shannon
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 22 Min.

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There are many versions of Queen Elizabeth I of England; the beautiful young Tudor Queen courted by all the princes of Europe; a fearless virgin warrior in white velvet, rousing her troops on the battlefield; an irascible old woman in a powdered wig, surrounded by fawning young men. A formidable woman, Elizabeth I ruled alone at a time when Europe was a hotbed of conflict, dominated by empire-seeking Kings with opposing religious beliefs.

Inside you will hear about....

  • Early Years
  • Becoming Queen of England
  • The Matter of Succession
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • The Last Suitor
  • Trouble in England
  • Mary's Execution
  • The Essex Affair
  • And much more!

A shrewd politician, Elizabeth manipulated these Kings using any means necessary, including her own hand in marriage, to transform what had been a small, relatively impoverished half-island nation into one of the greatest powers in the world. "Queen of the Seas", "The Virgin Queen", "Gloriana" and "Good Old Bess", Queen Elizabeth I inspired a cult following during her lifetime that endures to this day.

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