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Pursuing the Addenda

Supernatural Reports from the Natural World
Autor: John A. Keel
Sprecher: Gordon MacCathay
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 41 Min.

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John A. Keel's Pursuing the Addenda: Supernatural Reports from the Natural World is an entertaining survey of anomalous "Fortean" events such as UFOs, "Fafrotskies" (things that fall from the sky), enigmatic monuments and relics, historical oddities, strange creatures, scientific mysteries, and psychic phenomena. 

Since the beginning of recorded time, mankind has been plagued by unknown forces and beings, which Keel brings into chilling focus. Here you will find authentic reports on a wide variety of subjects, some of which may shock or even frighten you. 

Are we being invaded from outer space? Are secret agencies tapping your phone, computer, and mail? Could an unseen, pre-human race be watching us from their secret hiding places, manipulating and misleading us for sheer entertainment? 

With sharp wit and unique insight, Keel provides explanations for the unusual things he recounts that have long left others baffled. In this mountain of way-out evidence, he sees a pattern and draws original, startling, and convincing conclusions. 

This special edition features an editor's note by zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson, Keel's mentor and editor of Pursuit Magazine - where most of these articles originally appeared.

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