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Purple Fish: A Heart for Sharing Jesus

Sprecher: Claton Butcher
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 14 Min.

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The ancient merchants of Tyre sailed the high seas and plumbed their depths in search of a rare shellfish, valued for its rich, purple dye. The Greek word kalchaino, to ponder, literally means in search of the purple fish.

Like the search for the purple fish, Jesus goes to remarkable lengths in seeking after his most valued treasure lost, broken, hurting, oppressed people. He invites us on a grand adventure to help him connect with these purple fish too.

In this inspiring, practical book, Mark O. Wilson offers a fresh, new approach for sharing Christ with others, especially for those who feel inadequate and intimidated by witnessing. Purple Fish shows how it can be a delightful adventure of faith, filling your own soul in the process.

Through amazing and often humorous stories as well as many practical suggestions Wilson encourages the reader to rethink what it means to bring lost people to Jesus. It will leave readers saying, I haven t thought of it that way before. I can do that!

©2014 Mark O. Wilson (P)2015 Mark O. Wilson


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