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    Puppy training doesn't have to be hard.

    Learn how to crate train and housebreak your puppy - the simple way.

    Do you want your rambunctious puppy to settle down?

    Do you want to stop indoor accidents and have your puppy potty outside, every time?

    Do you want to put an end to crate whining?

    Do you want your dog to sit on your command?

    The strategies in this book for dog obedience are proven to work fast and on the most rambunctious puppies. You can raise the well-behaved dog of your dreams.

    All you need is a little patience, positive reinforcement and our puppy training method.

    Buy Puppy Training: Raising the Perfect Puppy and you will:

    • Potty train your puppy in 7-10 days
    • Crate train your puppy to feel safe and calm in his crate
    • Resolve puppy behavior issues
    • Learn how to train the basic dog obedience commands of sit, down, stay, come and heel
    • Gain key takeaways from each chapter, outlined in easy-to-implement lists
    • Utilize positive reinforcement in everyday puppy training
    • Learn why many training traditional puppy training methods are bad for your pet
    • Raise the perfect puppy to grow into the perfect dog
    • And much more

    Your puppy can be well-behaved; all you need to do is listen to the puppy training techniques in this guide to crate training and potty training and put them to use.

    Buy Raising the Perfect Puppy today to stop messes and accidents, and grow your puppy into a self-confident, well-behaved and loving dog.

    ©2017 Walnut Publishing (P)2017 Walnut Publishing

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