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    He Was The Boy Next Door Who Didn't Know I Existed!Ten Years Later He Came Back Unexpectedly With A Big Secret....

    After a marriage that broke me, I crept back home to lick my wounds.

    When he walked in, everything changed!

    He didn't recognize me.

    He was a gorgeous billionaire bad boy, the whole package!

    I was the dog walker who had a secret past.

    I fell hard under his magnetic spell.

    He was sworn to secrecy about his life in LA. 

    I knew all along that it couldn't last.

    It was an unexpected second chance.

    But when secrets come out, devastation usually follows.

    Will he protect me?

    When both our secrets are exposed whose heart will be on the line? Will my life be ruined, or will I finally get to live my true heart's desire?

    Protecting His Secret is a pause-resisting second chance romance, with so many secrets and twists you won't see coming! This is a stand-alone with no cliffhangers or cheating.

    ©2019 L.A. Pepper (P)2019 Leanne Hoekstra

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