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    A thrilling mystery about battling inner demons, as well as outer ones.

    How well do you really know your family history? What kind of skeletons did your relatives have in their closets? Are there secrets your own parents kept from you, secrets that could cost you your life? 

    Proper Burial is the story of Ashley Stonewall, an average 32-year-old woman who doesn't look for trouble, doesn't crave adventure, and never sought out the details of her own past. However, on her 33rd birthday, the dark secret of her bloodline finally seeks her out. 

    In the derelict mansion of her long-dead recluse father, Ashley must follow the clues left by her recently deceased mother to traverse the ancient halls of her childhood home and uncover the mystery behind the strange events and haunting disturbances that plague her on her fateful birthday. 

    As Ashley learns that her destiny may have been planned for her centuries before she was born, you may ask yourself what was planned for you without your knowledge. What lies ahead in your future...and how will you survive it?

    ©2016 Wes Thomas Branton (P)2018 Wes Thomas Branton

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