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    “A compassionate heroine bridges the divide between the spirit world and earthly evil in this well-paced thriller. Proof of Life will keep readers flipping pages all night!” (S.W. Hubbard, author of Another Man’s Treasure)

    After recovering from amnesia five years ago, Jessica Mack never told anyone she had started hearing voices from the spirit world. Now, forced to use her “gift” to help find missing four-year-old Ethan Starkey, she can no longer ignore the voices. Time is running out for little Ethan as Jessica, and Sage Boles, a man with a mysterious past, are guided by the voices to a séance, where they hope to get clues to the child’s whereabouts.

    “With Proof of Life,’Sheila Lowe continues her fascinating series that began with What She Saw, where Jessica Mack’s life was fractured in a terrible accident. Now, years later, she struggles to understand a gift she has been given, a gift that frightens her as she attempts to grasp its meaning in her life. Proof of Life is a heart-wrenching and heartwarming story that explores the universe beyond the veil, delving into the universal questions we all contemplate. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down! I’m sure Jessica’s story will take readers on a thrilling journey as she discovers new life and new love.” (Connie di Marco, author of The Zodiac Mysteries and the Soup Lovers’ Mysteries)

    ©2016 Sheila Lowe (P)2020 Sheila Lowe

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