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    He was the hot popular guy. I was the nerdy girl with a fantasy crush. 

    All of my childhood, I was invisible to Adam Carlisle. That was fine, because I was too shy, and too smart, to think I had a chance with the most popular guy in school. 

    Until someone crowned him prom king....

    And me queen.

    But it was only a cruel joke that ruined my self-esteem and broke my heart.

    Ten years later and my friend begs me to attend our school reunion with her. I'm older, wiser, but still a nerd. This event is setting off my anxiety. 

    I want it to be over.

    Then...I see him. 

    My prom king.

    Adam is hotter than ever. But what really gets my attention?

    He's staring right at me.

    I'm not invisible anymore. 

    What happens when my fantasy crush becomes reality? 

    This full-length novel is all about second chances, true love, and a crazy hot alpha realizing that the nerdy girl is his modern day Cinderella. No cheating, lots of device-melting action, and always a happily-ever-after!

    ©2018 Penny Wylder (P)2020 Audible, Inc.

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