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    Procrastinators: The Leaders of Tomorrow

    You'll start that project...tomorrow....

    You'll start that new diet...on Monday....

    You'll clean up the kitchen...later....

    Stop procrastinating, and learn how to take action!

    Do not simply accept your old habits - you have the power to make a change! There is a secret to a much better, more fun, and more fulfilled life where we actually get things done. Once we put these simple steps into practice, we instantly become more efficient at work and at home.

    Everyone procrastinates from time to time, and even though we feel bad about it that usually does not deter us from procrastinating again the next time.

    This easily digestible book is the answer to overcoming your past procrastination tendencies. A variety of proven steps and strategies are discussed to develop effective and efficient time management skills, develop new task-oriented habits, create new thought patterns, and completely eliminate procrastination for good.

    By listening to this book, you will learn things such as:

    • Top reasons we procrastinate
    • How to tell if we are procrastinating
    • Four easy ways to plan and take action
    • Best techniques to overcome procrastination
    • The importance of identifying destructive thought patterns
    • Six practical exercises to take action
    • Simple strategies to create new habits
    • The secret to curing procrastination forever
    • And much more!

    ©2016 Brittany Hallison (P)2016 Brittany Hallison

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