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    The perfect probability book for beginners wanting to learn about permutations and combinations!

    Multi-time best-selling IT and mathematics author Arthur Taff presents a leading audiobook for beginners to learn and understand probability concepts such as permutations and combinations. Learning about probability with combinations and permutations gives you a competitive edge in any field. Whether it's poker, horse racing, weather forecasting, playing the lottery, general mathematics, or virtually any other field where odds need to be determined - this audiobook will help you succeed!

    In this audiobook, you will get:

    • A breakdown of the essentials of permutations and combinations to give you a simple - but not simplistic - approach to calculating any given outcome based on certain variables
    • Introduction to the fundamentals of probability
    • Breakdown of permutations and combinations (with examples)
    • How to use permutations and combinations in probability
    • Urn problems and how to approach them
    • Probability and real-life situations (lottery, poker, weather forecasts, etc.)
    • Arthur's personal email address for unlimited customer support if you have any questions
    • And much, much more....

    By the time you're done listening to this audiobook, you'll have a better understanding of how to use probability in real-world situations. You'll even see I've purposely avoided using a lot of jargon and complex theory so that beginners can pick up this audiobook and gain a working knowledge of how to put permutations and combinations to use, and arrive at outcomes.

    ©2018 Arthur Taff (P)2018 Arthur Taff

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