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    Beschreibung von Audible

    Narrator Marcie Millard provides a straight-faced performance that enhances the humor and sometimes-surreal extravagance of this comedy. Principia Martindale is a fervent Christian who finds herself assigned to spread God's word to a tiny Texas ghost town with a population of 15. Principia sets up in the town's ruined church and soon begins to perform miracles at the Shrine, a screen door where the image of Christ appears at sunset. Principia is pushy and assertive, but Millard keeps listeners on her side, especially as Principia begins to form a very non-spiritual bond with a charming ex-seminarian. Listeners will also find the variations on the Texas accent that Millard deploys for the different characters a delight.


    Principia Martindale, an enormous red-head with a special brand of Christian logic, is assigned to teach the Bible in a pathetic Texas ghost town, where she finds her true calling and her true love.

    ©1983 Edward Swift (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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