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    Torn between two worlds. And four men. Sebastian. Toshi. Theo. Kyle.

    I thought that plane crash would be the end of my life. Instead, it turned out to be just the beginning.

    Now, I’m on a race to find out who - and what - I really am, with four men to help me.

    Sexy Sebastian, who can be a jerk sometimes but actually means well. Kind Theo, whose heart is as big as that chest I want to cozy up against. Slick Toshi, who is as fierce as he is fun. And Kyle, my best friend for so long, maybe too long.

    They will help me find the answers I seek, though only I can take control of my destiny.

    And my heart.

    Primals is the first book in the Reverse Harem series.

    ©2018 Wanita May (P)2020 Wanita May

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