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Predators in the Workplace

A 'Reality Check' on What We too Often Encounter in Our Working Environments
Autor: Martin Kaynan
Spieldauer: 48 Min.

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"Predator: Living by robbing, plundering or preying on other animals...." (Webster's New World Dictionary)

Question: When is doing your job - excellently - just not enough? Answer: When someone stabs you in the back to get ahead! Unfortunately, there are many human versions of "Predators" in every type of life situation that we run into. My own experience with this "breed of cat" has been in the workplace. For those of us who periodically need sutures between our shoulder blades after the Predators go into their act, this book describes the behavior patterns, tricks, techniques, buzzwords, and body language used - supposedly without detection - by the Predators. Most of us have seen them in different forms - usually too late - but they are pretty much stereotyped to the (sadly) experienced eye. I've classified my own "Predators" into several categories.

©1995 Martin Kaynan (P)2013 Martin Kaynan

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