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Power of Habit

Building One Good Habit at a Time for Ultimate Success
Autor: Jim Berry
Sprecher: Nick Hart
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 5 Min.

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This book, Power of Habit: Building One Good Habit at a Time is about taking your life to the next level of success, but not through motivation or inspiration. This book will only teach you the things you really need to succeed by building good habits.

You will learn why habits are powerful, how habits become habits, and how to replace the bad habits with the good habits creating a new "you" who is primed for success. You do not need those overhyped inspirational, overnight success stories for motivation to reach greater heights. What you need is to develop the same habits those successful people have to propel you to success. Of course, if you have friends who need more positive habits in their lives, you shouldn't think twice about telling them about this book. Better yet, talk to them about your life-changing discoveries and convince them to join you in your quest for encompassing success.

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