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Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter is a children's book focusing on the life of a little orphan girl. The orphan Pollyanna is forced to live with her strict Aunt Polly, who resents having to look after Pollyanna, because both of her parents passed away.

The young girl's room is a stuffy attic with no decorations or comforts, and Aunt Polly maintains strict rules and shows Pollyanna very little affection. Pollyanna tries to stay happy by playing what she calls the "Glad Game". Slowly, Pollyanna's sunny disposition and Glad Game start to affect the town of Beldingsville.

In every situation, Pollyanna insists that there is always something to be glad about. Eventually, even her Aunt Polly starts to appreciate Pollyanna's positive outlook. However, disaster strikes when Pollyanna is hit by a car and becomes paralyzed, unable to walk.

When she learns that she has lost the use of both legs, Pollyanna becomes very sad and distant. She stays in her bed and decides that there is nothing to be happy about. The townspeople of Beldingsville start to call on Pollyanna and remind her how much she has helped each person in the town live a happier life. With this support, Pollyanna realizes that at least she has the memories of being able to walk. Her aunt sends Pollyanna to a special hospital and Pollyanna undergoes physical therapy to regain the use of her legs giving Pollyanna a strong appreciation for her health and eventually her positive attitude returns.

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