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  • Podcasting for Beginners Value Edition

  • How to Start and Get Your First Thousand Downloads, Featuring Podcasting Made Simple + Podcast Marketing
  • Von: Daniel Larson
  • Gesprochen von: Dennis Winterholler, John Hopkinson
  • Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 11 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch

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    If you're looking for a step by step walkthrough on how to start and grow a podcast with no previous experience, keep reading....

    Podcasting is the expressional medium with therapeutic value which has grown exponentially over the last few years - did you know the number of Americans who are weekly podcast listeners over the last seven years has tripled?

    Although there’s never been a better time to get into podcasting, with all the contradicting and often false information scattered all over the internet, it’s no wonder why so many people often struggle to find a starting point. 

    In Podcasting Made Simple, you will discover:

    • The X factor that leaves listeners craving their next fix of your content
    • Why trying to monetize incorrectly can actually ruin your chances of turning your hobby to an income
    • The simple, straight forward guide to recording and editing

    Plus, as a bonus you’ll also get Podcast Marketing: How to Easily Grow Your Listeners in the Thousands and Make a Lasting Impact with Your Brand. This book will help you grow your listenership by taking you from confused and doubtful to clear and confident in growing your show and attracting your ideal audience in the masses, by discovering:

    • How to craft a compelling message to attract your tribe
    • How to organically growing your subscribers in the thousands
    • How to use social media to grow your listeners on autopilot through positive ecosystems

    This digestible guide is made for people who have no experience.

    This will work for you even if you’ve never spoken into a microphone. Even if you have an extremely busy schedule and a low budget. Even if you think your content ideas are absurd and no one will listen.    

    If you’re ready to start your podcasting journey off to a bang, listen to this audiobook! 

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