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Plumb the Depths of My Butt

Naughty MILFs, Book 20
Autor: Tori Westwood
Sprecher: Allison O'Keefe
Spieldauer: 31 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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Since getting a new girlfriend, I’d hardly seen my older lodger Charlie, but after a burst pipe requires attention, and with him being a plumber, it seemed only natural to call him.

Seeing him bent over in his boiler suit is getting me all hot and bothered, and I want him to bend me over in the same way. It’s so wrong, but when I discover that his new squeeze won’t let him do anal, I’m on hand to give him what he wishes. 

Put it in me, Charlie! I want to feel you burst.

©2020 Tori Westwood (P)2020 Tori Westwood


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