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    Philosophy of Mind by G.W.F. Hegel  

    This text draws together central components of Hegel's philosophical system as he explores the development of Mind (Spirit, Geist) in its individual, communal and conceptual aspects. Translator William Wallace writes (1894): 'I here offer a translation of the third or last part of Hegel's encyclopaedic sketch of philosophy, Philosophy of Mind. The volume, like its subject, stands complete in itself. But it may also be regarded as a supplement or continuation of the work begun in my version of his logic.' 

    In this philosophy of mind, contradiction and assimilation invoke constant change and development, as Hegel demonstrates the intrinsic fluidity of thought. While published in 1894, Wallace's translation remains a sound, historically significant translation of Hegel's work.  

    Note: Hegel's paragraphs are numbered. Being the third part of the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences, Philosophy of Mind begins at paragraph 377 and concludes at paragraph 577. References to the two previous texts (Logic and Philosophy of Nature) are indicated in the narrative by footnote entries referencing previous paragraph numbers within the Encyclopaedia.

    Public Domain (P)2018 Sarah Bacaller

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