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    A curse stole one witch’s powers, but gave her the ability to speak with animals. Now, Jolene helps a hunky police officer and his sassy, lie-detecting canine solve paranormal mysteries.

    The world of shifters and magic folk collide in the electric Darkmoon Night Market, where Jolene Hartgrave, a former lawyer-turned-pet psychic, lives and works.

    In books one to four of the Night Market series, follow Jolene, Peter, and snarky, lie-sniffing dog Daisy, as they solve mysteries and bring justice to the magical island in these hilarious and enchanting paranormal cozy novels.

    If you like talking animal sidekicks, delicious riddles, and cheeky female leads, then you’ll love Erin Johnson’s enchanting tale. Buy now to swoop into a charming mystery today! 

    ©2020 Erin Johnson (P)2020 Erin Johnson

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